The Studio Museum in Harlem: 50 Years

The Studio Museum in Harlem has championed artists of African descent for five decades. In 1968, a diverse group of artists, community activists, and philanthropists envisioned a new kind of art museum—one that would serve as a site for radical experimentation. They proposed an institution that would provide much-needed exhibition opportunities for Black artists, support emerging artists with an innovative residency program, and engage audiences in Harlem and New York City with education and public programs for all ages.

Now, as we celebrate the Studio Museum’s 50th anniversary, we aim to honor this legacy by showcasing pivotal moments in our past and sharing our vision for the future. Join us as we reflect on the achievements of our artists, amplify the voices of our visitors, dive into our archives, and plan for our new home.

Studio Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue

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Who Can Say No to a Gorgeous Brunette?

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Free, White, and 21

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Maniac Chase

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Melody Set Me Free

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The Matriarch's Rhapsody

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Black Righteous Space

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